The Best Tequila To Drink In 2023

The Best Tequila To Try In 2023

Looking for the best Tequila to try in 2023?

Tequila has exploded in popularity now overtaking American Whiskey sales in America! And now only 2nd behind Vodka in terms of consumption. There's good reason for this. It is simpy the best spirit to be drinking - the worlds is only finding out about the good stuff now.

Navigating the world of Tequila and agave distilates can be a bit overwhelming at first, but we have plenty of resources on this website to assist you. Just head on over to our Blog to find out more. If you're ready to jump straight in, then this guide will help you select some of the best tequila to drink in Australia in 2023.

This list is a living list and will be updated as required as new Tequila becomes available throughout this year. Here at we are truly independent. There is no one paying us to spruik their brand or offering any other incentives to list their bottle. We want to provide you with a genuine list of the top tequila (and in this case agave distillate) that you should be considering buying in 2023. We expect some of these entries to remain in the list from year to year because they are truly unbelievable.

Best Blanco Tequila

  1. Best Mixing Blanco Tequila:
    Calle 23 Blanco Tequila
  2. Best Every Day Blanco Tequila:
    Insolito Blanco Tequila
  3. Best Premium Blanco Tequila:
    Santanera Tahona Blanco Tequila
  4. Best High Proof Blanco Tequila:
    Cascahuin Cerro De Luz Tequila

Best Reposado Tequila

  1. Best Mixing Reposado Tequila:
    El Tequileno Reposado Tequila
  2. Best Every Day Reposado Tequila:
    Tierra Noble Reposado
  3. Best Premium Repoasdo Tequila:
    Volans Reposado Tequila
  4. Best High Proof Reposado Tequila:
    Arette Reposado Los Primos

Best Aneo Tequila

  1. Best Mixing Anejo Tequila:
    Cascahuin Anejo Tequila
  2. Best Every Day Anejo Tequila:
    Alquimia Organic Anejo Tequila
  3. Best Premium Anejo Tequila:
    Fortaleza Anejo Tequila

Best Extra Anejo Tequila

  1. Best Mixing Anejo Tequila:
    Tierra Noble Extra Anejo
  2. Best Every Day Anejo Tequila:
    Don Fulano Imperial Extra Anejo
  3. Best Premium Anejo Tequila:
    Alquimia 14 Year Old Extra Anejo
  4. Best High Proof Anejo Tequila:
    Pasote Extra Anejo Tequila

You can browse our full range of top tequila brands here.

We hope this has given you a quick referrence guide to the best tequila's currently available in Australia. Whether your preference is blanco, reposado, anejo or extra anejo there's somethign for everyone.



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