Fortaleza Extra Anejo! What?!

Fortaleza Anejo Tequila & Lote 43-a

If Fortaleza anejo wasn't already in the top 3 tequilas on the list of aficionados, then lote 43-a (and lote 42-a) certainly cemented its place there, if not at the very top. Fortaleza tequila is widely accepted as some of the best sipping tequila available in the market today. It is the only product produced out of Tequila Los Abuelos, S.A DE C.V. (NOM 1493) using only traditional methods by the renowned maestro tequilero Guillermo Erickson Sauza.

So, what's with Lote 43-a?

Ok, so it's not exactly an extra anejo but let's explore why this batch absoultely blew up the American tequila market and has followed suit here in Australia.

Owing to the no additives, old-school and all natural production methods, each batch or Lote of Fortaleza has slight and subtle differences. These variations keep it super exciting for tequila drinkers as you can compare colour, aroma and flavours from one batch to the next.

To try gain some consistency between batches, there is an amount of blending that takes place which can include liquid from different barrels and previous batches. It was during this step in the process that, by accident, some never before released extra anejo tequila was blended with the main batch of anejo. What a mistake that was?!

The result is a noticeably darker tequila with a richer and more complex aroma. The palate is mind-blowingly delicious with such depth of flavour that you just want to keep sipping more.

Fortaleza Anejo Lote 43-a
Colour Golden amber
Aroma Baked agave, vanilla pod and honey. There's some wood and oak in there but also these sensational sublte notes of stewed strawberry, raspberries and cherries.
Palate Of course there is baked agave with a buttery mouth feel. Some baking spices with a touch of pepper. That strawberry, raspberry, cherry that was detected on the nose surprisingly also presents on the palate. It's like there's a red skin lolly or fruit tingle sherbet candy in there and in a good way! This blend is superbly balanced and just down right delicious.

If you can find yourself some 43-a, grab all the bottles you can afford. This blend is limited release for obvious reasons and once it's gone, it's gone for good.

We hope this leaves you with a better understanding of why Fortaleza Anejo Lote 43-a is such an incredible blend. Please feel free to share, comment or get in touch.



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I like the bottle

July 17, 2023 at 13:15pm

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