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Bozal Iberico Mezcal (750ml / 47%)

Bozal Iberico Mezcal (750ml / 47%)

This Destilado Con Jamon Iberico style mezcal really show cases the heart and soul of traditional Mexico. Usually produced in very small batches and reserved for family ceremonies and festivals,...
Del Maguey Santa Catrina Minas Iberico Mezcal (750ml / 49%)

Del Maguey Santa Catrina Minas Iberico Mezcal (750ml / 49%)

Del Maguey Iberico mezcal is the brain child of Ron Cooper, Chef Jose Andres and Chef Ruebn Garcia. When the team went on a research tour of Del Maguey's Santa...

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We stock a huge range of the best mezcal brands available in Australia including rare and hard to find bottles.

Step in to the magical world of Mezcal and browse our full range of premium brands. We only stock 100% agave bottles which means you can shop with confidence. There are 3 main categories as set out by the CRM. These are 'Mezcal', 'Artisanal' and 'Ancestral'. Each category dictates the methods and equipment producers can use to make the spirit. We only ever stock bottles from the 'Artisanal' and 'Ancestral' categories. This ensures every bottle is made using traditional and authentic techniques.

Which Mezcal to Buy at

Mezcal can be made from about 50 different types of agave giving rise to a plethora of different releases. We do our best to bring you top quality varietals. The most popular agaves used include: Espadin, Barril, Cenizo, Mexicano, Arroqueno, Tobala and wild Jabali.

Equally, there are many different distilleries throughout the regions of production. We list as many authentic brands as we can get our hands on with some of the stand out brands being: Del Maguey, Koch El, Bozal, BruxoNuestra Soledad, Aguas Mansas, El Jolgorio, Cuentacuentos, Origen Raiz, San Cosme, Tio Pesca.

Whilst a lot of mezcal originates from Oaxaca there are other regions in Mexico like Durrango, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosi and Michoacan that also produce amazing product.

We also consider ourselves to be incredibly fortunate to stock releases that are traditionally reserved for family and village celebrations and ceremonies. These types of mezcals really capture the spirit of Mexico in a bottle and include the Iberico, Pechuga and Borrego expressions. In each of these, a ham, chicken breast, leg of lamb and seasonal fruits are included in the still during the final distillation process. As a result the mezcal produced is like no other and is rich with flavour and complexity.

If you're looking for great mezcal in Australia you've found the best place to grab it. Shop with us today!

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