Tequila Arette Reposado (700ml / 38%)

Arette Reposado Tequila (700ml / 38%)


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Arette reposado tequila is made with 100% blue agave from the Tequila valley region which is known for it's pristine water and clay like soil. This terroir has a big impact on the final quality of the tequila. 

Produced by brothers Eduardo and Jaime at the El Llano distillery, Arette tequila has both a budget and high-end product line. This Arette reposado tequila is a sensational value-for-money tequila that ticks all the right boxes. It is thoughtfully crafted using 100% agave which is cooked in autoclave ovens and roller milled. Once distilled it is then aged in American oak which gives it extra layers of flavour before bottling. As a result, the tequila is more complex and better balanced. Perfect for sipping or cocktail making.

The family distillery is currently run by brothers Eduardo and Jaime Orendain. They have always maintained a preference for quality over quantity as their grandfather Don Eduardo did. Established in the 1900's there are a number of things that contribute to the success of Arette tequila. These include only using 100% estate owned agave and the use of traditional cooking methods. Due to the high quality tequila, there are never any additives used.

AROMA: Earthy agave with floral and vanilla notes.
TASTE: Nice agave flavour overlaid with honey, caramel and light notes of vanilla. A sense of floral, fruity and citrus notes. Lighter in the body. The tequila finishes with a medium duration of light pepper, oak and spice.
BARREL: American oak for 5 months
ENJOY: Sipped neat or over ice

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Tequila Arette
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Production Notes
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  • Maguey: Tequilana
  • Classification: Tequila (100% agave)
  • Expression: Reposado
  • Age Statement: 05 months
  • Barrels: American White Oak
  • ABV: 38.0 %
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