Siete Leguas Single Barrel Extra Anejo Tequila (750ml / 40%)

Siete Leguas Single Barrel Extra Anejo Tequila (750ml / 38%)


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The folks at Casa Siete Leguas have been pouring their expertise into premium artisanal tequila since 1952. With the utmost respect for their origins and the processes involved, they are passionate about crafting the finest spirit according to traditions in Atotonilco El Alto, Jalisco, Mexico.

After being double distilled in small copper stills, the spirit is transferred into ex-bourbon American oak barrels where the different expressions spend varying amounts of time. Siete Leguas Single Barrel Extra Añejo Tequila matured for 8 years 4 months in a single American oak cask, resulting in a spirit of unparalleled quality and a unique drinking experience.

History: The Tequila Siete Leguas distillery was responsible for producing the "original" Patron Tequila brand, before brand rights were sold to St. Maarten Spirits, owners John Paul DeJoria (Paul Mitchell Hair Products) and Martin Crowley in 1989.

AROMA: Each Extra Añejo Single Barrel tequila is unique in its aromas and flavours.
It presents a range of aromas of fruit, sweet aromas, aromas of red fruits and nuts that intertwine harmoniously and according to the aging time of each barrel, with the aromas of toasted wood from the American white oak barrels, without still stop perceiving the cooked agave.
TASTE: Warm, silky – creamy (dense on the tongue and palate). Soft and light sweet flavours, with a slight freshness on the palate and subtle alcoholic notes in balance with the wood of each barrel.
BARREL: 8 years 4 months in a single American oak barrel
ENJOY: As sipping tequila - neat

The Nitty Gritty
Production Notes
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  • Master Distiller: Arturo Valle-Salcedo
  • Maguey: Tequilana
  • Classification: Tequila (100% agave)
  • Expression: Extra Anejo
  • Cooking method: Horno
  • Extraction method: Stone Wheel,Roller Mill
  • Fermentation: Stainless Steel Tanks,Wild Yeast,With Fibers
  • Still type: Copper Pot
  • Distillation: Double
  • Age Statement: 08 - 12 Years
  • Barrels: American Oak,Barrica #18
  • ABV: 38.0 %
  • Website:
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