Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Reposado Tequila (750ml / 40%)

Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Reposado Tequila (750ml / 40%)


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New stock has now arrived. The bottle you receive will not contain the hand blown internal agave.

Leyenda del Milagro Select Barrel Reserve (SBR) reposado tequila is a limited. Using hand-picked and hand-selected agave. it's aged for 10 months in oak after a triple-distillation process and presented in a hand-blown crystal bottle*. Yielding an intriguing mixture of sweetness and oak that’s smooth and full-bodied.

AROMA: Vanilla and caramel with oak notes
TASTE: Vanilla, caramel, unsweetened chocolate, tobacco leaves and butterscotch, with strong oak notes and a dry finish
BARREL: American and French oak barrels
ENJOY: Sipped neat

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Production Notes
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  • Maguey: Tequilana
  • Classification: Tequila (100% agave)
  • Expression: Reposado
  • ABV: 40.0 %
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