El Jolgorio Tepeztate Artisanal Mezcal (750ml / 48%)

El Jolgorio Tepeztate Artisanal Mezcal (750ml / 48%)


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El Jolgorio Tepeztate is made with agave Tepeztate. It takes a very long time for this agave to mature, sometimes upwards of 25-35 years. It is commonly found hanging horizontally from mountain cliffs, making it difficult to harvest. Tepeztate is truly a wild agave, however, due to the species’ increasing rarity and potential for endangerment, El Jolgorio’s producers are exploring the cultivation of Tepeztate seedlings in a nursery to be re-planted in the wild (i.e. semi-cultivated). This Mezcal is vegetal, herbal, and earthy.

El Jolgorio is a range of artisanal mezcal from Oaxaca, made from a wide variety of rare, unique agave species. In Mexico, there are around fifty different species of agave used for mezcal production, each yielding a mezcal with its own distinct character. In 2010, the Cortés family began building a collective of top mezcal distillers from around Oaxaca, with the goal of sharing the true culture and spirit of mezcal with the world.

In all, El Jolgorio represents sixteen different families, working in ten different regions of Oaxaca, Mexico, each with its own special story. Every bottle is hand-marked with the specific details of each batch, to truly connect the drinker with the family behind the expression.

AROMA: Funky like a salmiana, grassy, clean and rubbery (in a good way)
TASTE: Such rich flavour. Lightly earthy, but not overwhelmingly. Sort of fruity, like papaya. Oily mouthfeel. Also has a bit of that clean rubberiness from the nose.
ENJOY: Sipping mezcal is enjoyed slowly and with friends..

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    Production Notes
    Please note: Every care has been taken to ensure our production notes are as acurate as possible. Where you detect any issues, please let us know and we'll fix them right up.
    • Master Distiller: Gregorio “Don Goyo” Martinez Garcia,Ignacio Parada,Pedro Vasquez,Rafael Méndez Cruz,Reynaldo Altamirano
    • Maguey: Espadin
    • Town/ Village: Santa Maria Zoquitlan,Lachigui,Rio Seco,San Baltazar Guélavila,San Luis del Rio
    • State: Oaxaca
    • Classification: Artisanal Mezcal
    • Expression: Joven
    • Cooking method: Conical Earthen Pit
    • Extraction method: Horse Drawn Tahona
    • Fermentation: Wooden Fermentation Tubs
    • Still type: Copper Pot
    • Distillation: Tripple
    • Age Statement: Unaged - Rested in glass
    • ABV: 48.0 %
    • Website: https://backbarproject.com/portfolio/casa-cortes/
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