Dixeebe Madrecuishe Edition #3 Mezcal (375ml / 48%)

Dixeebe Madrecuishe Edition #3 Mezcal (375ml / 48%)


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Dixeebe Madrecuishe is produced by Valentin Cortes in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca. The maguey Madrecuishe (Agave karwinskii) used in this mezcal are cooked in an underground pit oven, milled by tahona, and double distilled in a copper still.

Only 396 bottles produced world wide. Only 24 allocated to Australia.

Dixeebe Mezcal (pronounced “dee-sh-bay”) is a project from Asis Cortes and his father, Valentin Cortes. Their family has been producing mezcal in the Santiago Matatlán region of Oaxaca for at least 180 years. The two of them are perhaps most well-known in Mexico and internationally for their previous work with Mezcal El Jolgorio and Nuestra Soledad. Asis and Valentin have now moved on from the Casa Cortes brands and are focused on Dixeebe, along with Asis’ brand in Durango: Origen Raiz.

Asis and his father decided to launch Dixeebe as a way to reconnect with their past and support their traditions in the future. The brand launched internationally in March 2022 where it is sold in 375ml bottles. Asis had the idea of smaller bottles to make premium mezcal more accessible.

These are produced in very small quantities and some may never be produced again.

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ENJOY: Sipping mezcal is enjoyed slowly and with friends.

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    Production Notes
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    • Master Distiller: Valentín Cortés
    • Maguey: Madrecuishe
    • Agave Region: Matatlan, Valles Centrales
    • Town/ Village: Santiago Matatlan
    • State: Oaxaca
    • Classification: Artisanal Mezcal
    • Expression: Joven
    • Cooking method: Conical Earthen Pit
    • Extraction method: Horse Drawn Tahona
    • Fermentation: Wooden Fermentation Tubs,Wild Yeast
    • Still type: Copper Pot
    • Distillation: Double
    • ABV: 48.0 %
    • Website: https://www.mezcaldixeebe.com/madrecuishe/03
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