Derrumbes San Luis Potosi Mezcal (700ml / 43%)

Derrumbes San Luis Potosi Mezcal (700ml / 43%)


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Derrumbes mezcal is a collection of geographically diverse mezcals that have been hand selected by the brand owners. Stretching from Oaxaca to Michoacan and beyond, each bottle of mezcal is made using different agaves and production methods. We are truely lucky to have access to some of these very small batch producers.

Derrumbes San Luis Potosi is crafted exclusively from the Salmiana Crassispina wild agave that grows in the high plateau of San Luis Potosi. Unlike most mezcal, Derrumbes San Luis Potosi uses masonry oven with stone pit for cooking. The maestro mezcalero Juan Manuel Perez forages for dry Salmiana leaves and quiotes to use as fuel. The result is an incredibly unique mezcal that reflects the flavors of its surroundings like no other. This floral and herbaceous mezcal from the village of Charcas has just the right touch of sweetness to balance its delicate intensity.

AROMA: Fresh pico de gallo, lime, sauerkraut, green chili, sharp gorgonzola – savory and funky.
TASTE: Medium-full body. At first sweeter than the nose, with apple and lychee, but the fruits are quickly joined by salsa verde and blue cheese.
Finish: Fading cheese funk, sweet bell peppers, canary peppers, leafy greens, mixed herbs, and white pepper. Develops into latex and mint. Medium-long.
ENJOY: Sipped slowly. Take your time and “kiss” this mezcal. Look past the alcohol and unlock a hidden world of agave goodness

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Production Notes
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  • Master Distiller: Juan Manuel Pérez Juárez
  • Maguey: Salmiana
  • Town/ Village: Charcas
  • State: San Luis Potosi
  • Classification: Artisanal Mezcal
  • Expression: Joven
  • Cooking method: Horno
  • Extraction method: Stone Wheel,Chilean Press
  • Fermentation: Stone Tub
  • Still type: Copper Pot
  • Distillation: Double
  • ABV: 43.0 %
  • Website:
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