Dehydrated Pineapples -
Dehydrated Pineapples -

Dehydrated Pineapples

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Dehydrated pineapple rings make for a very flavourful and crispy snack. You can eat them by themselves or add them to sweet or pineapple based cocktails or mocktails. If you make a homemade trail mix, you must add our dehydrated pineapple for an extra boost of flavour. Rehydrating the dried pineapple means you can add it to a fruit salad or a make a great salsa for your pork dinner!

We dehydrate our fruit at low temperatures to ensure its nutritional value and vibrant colour is maintained. This means that dehydrated pineapples are:

* Gluten Free
* Preservative Free
* Vegan Friendly
Product of Australia

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