Christmas Tequila / Mezcal Mystery BonBon (50ml)

Christmas Tequila / Mezcal Mystery BonBon (50ml)

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We're bringing the first ever Tequila and Mezcal BonBons to your Christmas table this year because life's to short to crack open a crappy Christmas cracker! These adult BonBon's contain a mystery 50ml sample of some of the top tequila's or mezcal's in production.

Sourced from our extensive range of 100% agave, top shelf tequila and mezcal, you can bet you're in for a real treat when the cracker goes off!

With a generous 50ml pour, these delights are designed to share with family and friends.

Packs available:

  • Single - (50ml | $22each)
  • 4 Pack - (200ml | $20each)
  • 6 pack - (300ml | $18each)
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  • Classification: Tequila (100% agave),Agave Distillate,Ancestral Mezcal,Artisanal Mezcal,Single Barrel,Mixto Tequila

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