Bruxo No 2 Pechuga Mezcal

Bruxo No 2 Pechuga Mezcal (750ml/ 46%)


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Bruxo was created by a group of friends to honour the tradition of artisanal mezcal making. It is dedicated to all those who appreciate and understand the times and gifts of mother earth.

"Honor to the magic of mezcal, the link between what´s earth bound and what´s sacred. Honor to the mysticism of the legends we have found and those we´re already a part of.  Honor to those who live up in the mountains but know and share their ancestral heritage with the rest of the world. Honor to those of us who in the city, are able to transform any given moment into an eternal memory. Honor to the true Elixires, unique mezcales, more special than any other in the world."

This pechuga is made with a difference. After distilling their classic Espadin, the Pechuga de Maguey is steeped for several days with freshly roasted agave that are split down the middle to expose the heart of the plant.

AROMA: Copper and orange citrus initially. Revealing dill pickle, salted lime and white pepper.
TASTE: Agave sap, pineapple and smokey rubber. Clean finish.
ENJOY: Sipped slowly. Take your time and “kiss” this mezcal. Look past the alcohol and unlock a hidden world of agave goodness

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Production Notes
  • Village: Agua del Espino
  • State: Oaxaca
  • Mezcalero: Pablo Garcia Vasquez
  • Maguey: Baril, Espadin
  • Age of Maguey: Barril 10 years, Espadine 8 years
  • Elevation: ~1428m
  • Milling: By hand & horse drawn Tahona
  • Cooking: Conical type
  • Fermentation: Pine wood
  • Still Type: Copper still
  • ABV of Mezcal: 46%
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Production Notes
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  • Maguey: Barril,Espadin
  • Classification: Artisanal Mezcal
  • Expression: Pechuga,Ensamble
  • ABV: 46.0 %
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