Artesanal Espadin Mezcal (750ml / 42%)

Artesanal Espadin Mezcal (750ml / 42%)


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Artesanal Mezcal

100% Wild Agave Angustifolia 

Artesanal was borne to exclusively represent and support female and ultra small mezcal producers who incorporate
sustainable organic farming practices and genuine artisanal craft production methods in remote areas of Mexico.

The Artesanal brand aims to empower female & ultra small producers in a celebration of their prized art while educating consumers by providing all necessary information required to identify, and find a great quality mezcal. 

AROMA: Multifaceted aromas of leather, aromatic oils and pine resins with lactic notes of sour cream, browned butter and cheese. Sweet vegetal notes of cooked agave with hints of sage and lemongrass..
TASTE:  Full-bodied mouthfeel with complex balanced organic sweetness and subtle herbal bitterness. Intricate flavours of blue maize, herb butter & brie. Finish: Long and complex finish. Powerful yet soothing, leaving a delicate agave sweetness with a balanced bitter astringency on the palate.
ENJOY: A truly phenomenal and delicious experience to sip alone neat. Great inclusion for classic Tequila or Mezcal cocktail recipes like Tommy's Mezcal Margarita, Mezcal Paloma or custom creations with citrus fruits.

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    Production Notes
    Please note: Every care has been taken to ensure our production notes are as acurate as possible. Where you detect any issues, please let us know and we'll fix them right up.
    • Master Distiller: Jeyri Toribio,Jose Calixto Garcia
    • Maguey: Espadin
    • Town/ Village: El Calvario
    • State: Guerrero
    • Classification: Artisanal Mezcal
    • Expression: Joven
    • Cooking method: Conical Earthen Pit
    • Extraction method: Stone Wheel
    • Fermentation: Wooden Fermentation Tubs,Wild Yeast
    • Still type: Copper Pot
    • Distillation: Double
    • ABV: 42.0 %
    • Website:
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