World Tequila Day

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Celebrate World Tequila Day at

Mexicans like to celebrate World Tequila Day, and so do a lot of other people all around the world! Although tequila can only be made in a few regions in Mexico, World Tequila Day can (and should!) be celebrated by just about anyone, anywhere!

What is National Tequila Day?

World Tequila Day is the celebration of everything to do with this historic and culturally significant spirit, whether it is enjoyed straight or as part of a tasty cocktail. In 2018, World Tequila Day was officially recognized by the Mexican government, and now everyone wants to celebrate–not just today but all year round!

How To Celebrate World Tequila Day At

Of course, the celebration of World Tequila Day should include enjoying this tasty beverage in some form or another–whether neat, over ice or having it in a mixed drink. We run exclusive sales and deals this time of year to help everyone get in to the spirit of World Tequila Day. We love watching you enjoy your favourite brand so please feel free to tag us in your social media posts - a tasty surprise might await you.